Welcome to accelibreinfo's website, your partner in Free and Accessible computing.

This website intends to introduce my activity and the services I provide to make a computer accessible for sight impaired people. The specificity of the services I offer is that they are based on Free Software (screen readers, operating system). This characteristic enables a blind or sight impaired user (or those who work with them) to spend little money to install an accessible computer. The money thus you saved can be used for your training and tool improvements.

This project hopes to bring a solution for sight-impaired people who live:

* in Europe


* in the European Union


* in a French-speaking country

French-speaking country

* in a English-speaking, Spanish-speaking or Italian-speaking country.

In other words, if someone speaks French, English, Spanish or Italian, he can find in this project someone to help him to make a computer accessible.

Latest news

2012-07-29 - accelibreinfo and Libre Software Meeting

As you can imagine from the news on this page, my international activity is not very frequent. However, sometimes, I go to other countries to meet developpers and talk with them about accessibility.

This year, the LSM took place in Genève. I did a talk about graphical user interfaces in English, to do a little balance of the current situation of this environment and its accessibility.

In English, I think the visitor of this website can be interested. You can find the video here.

If you have some reaction, don't hesitate to share it with me.

2011-11-30 - Decrease of the price of LFS paper book

For the end of the year, and with the release 7.0 of the Linux From Scratch book, accelibreinfo decided decreasing the price of the paper book.

Free download possible on Linux From Scratch official website, you can also buy it in a paper format, in English or in French. The decreasing is 50%. It is unlimited in the time.

Do not hesitate to ask for the book if you wish read it on paper.

2011-08-04 - accelibreinfo moves

Since I finished my university time, in parallel with this project, and as I succeeded in an examination, I have to change my life location. From August, 8th, I will be in Metz. It will be the head office of accelibreinfo, during one year. It will keep some links with the Bretagne and I will be very often in Paris too. The area Metz-Paris-Rennes will stay the main place of my life, and this change is not a break, but the activity will go on.

This change will make me innovate, as I will try keeping a remote communication with the breton contacts. It maintains the dynamic and will enforce my current skills.

This month will be also the opportunity to prepare the future, with a lot of meetings in September, October and November. I will talk to you about these when the moment comes.

Despite this change, I stay available for any request, at least as soon as I have an Internet connection, via my provider or with a wireless network.

2011-07-21 - I come in the Debian Team

After Libre Software Meetings, I was still more aware of the importance of being implied in all the levels. So far, and with accelibreinfo, I am active at user-level, to help you installing and setting the Free software on your computer, in order to make easier your reintegration, your reinstatement, and your life with your impairment.

But to get a more reliable skill when I do consulting, I need have a global approach and to anticipate what will happen in a next or far future in the free projects that I use. That is why I am implied in development teams of some important software for the user. It enables me to know the latest news about these projects, and I can speak in the debates between the members of the team, with the point of view of a user who does not know to develop anything.

But to influence things and make them go further fastly, the best thing is being implied directly. To I contribute in documentation, translations, but no in programming tasks. However, I can help to include some software in some GNU/Linux distributions.

That is why, today, I become a member of the Debian development team. I am mainly implied in accessibility group, so that I can handle some software and some points about this theme. Thus, I will be able to have, upstream, what is decided in the distribution, in their accessibility policy, and I will be able to speak for users, in a more active way. It will make easier my skills for other users, and my interface role between users and technical world in the free software. This accepted by Debian integration into is a very good news, and I say Thanks to the people who sponsored me doing this. Their contribution is useful, in particular in technical matters, about points that do not affect the users and that I have to learn.

2011-07-14 - accelibreinfo highlighted during the LSM

This year, accessibility was an important theme at the Libre Software Meeting. It dedicated a a cross-theme, that was dealt through various talks.

It was a time for the April's
accessibility work group to gather its members. As I am one of the leaders of the group, and I have to be active now, I was tought-after and I could give my skills about the accessibility.

Firstly, I spoke on July, 11th and 13th in two workshops. Then, I was implied in above group work meeting. Actually, Radio RMLL, which is enabled during the meeting, but whose programs are available as podcasts,  asked me to talk about the theme, in a program that you can download on this website in ogg (libre) or MP3 formats.

I also could update my skills about the accessibility. Officially, I was implied in a workshop to learn about making Debian packages and a talk about libre braille display project. This project will be sponsored by April's accessibility work group.

At the same time, I could improve my skills about the Free software philosophy, through the Richard Stallman's talk that I met for the first time.

In a more informal way, I met people who enabled me to collect numerous information about espeak, libreoffice and Windows, the boot loader GRUB and the accessibility (theme that loves the current maintainer), nvda, or odt2daisy, etc. This information will enable me to contribute in the evolution of such projects, to give users free and libre solutions, which will be more performant. I think that the future of the free solutions could be ensured in a better way if we find a way to develop some more reliable speech synthetiser. accelibreinfo works on these projects, in order that we could renew good speech synthetisers in the next four years.

These days were intense and full. Stimulating, they give large prospectives for accessibility and free software, if we are implied. It will be the role of accelibreinfo, upstream to help the projects, downstream to help users to install and use them, with the Quality label.

2011-07-04 - accelibreinfo present on the LSM[/r2]
accelibreinfo will be present through various ways to the Libre Software Meeting, which take place on July, from 9th to 14th, in Strasbourg. I will be implied in various important times.
First, on 9th in the afternoon, until 10th in the evening, I will be on the sgand Philosophy, so talk about the free software philosophy, as well as the April's accessibility work group.
Then, from Monday to Thirstay morning, I will deal with the Traduc.org organization's stand, placed near the Accessibility Work Group stand, where I will be implied at the same time.
This period will not be contiguous, firstly because I also will be implied in two round-table conferences about accessibility. See here the schedule of the issue. Then, I will try to improve my technical skills, through workshops such as making a Debian package. Besides, I will listen to some conferences, as Richard Stallman's talk. Finally, two meetings of two work groups: the 1st will gather GNU French translators, the other will gather the April accessibility workgroup.
And of course, I will be implied in community life out of LSM, everyday.
This dense schedule will allow us to meet in various places. Do not hesitate to come and talk to me during these days of community activity. To underline the importance of this meeting, I remember that, on 2004, it was the point of starting of the development of the gnome accessibility, orca and other projects. Without this, accelibreinfo could not exist.
Waiting for meeting you, happy visit!
[h2]2011-06-30 - accelibreinfo, one among 10 projects shown on the Carrefour des possibles (Possible meeting)

Yesterday, there was the Carrefour des possibles, in Rennes, during the Été TIC. This event allowed ten projects to be introduced publicly, after being selected among 25 candidates. accelibreinfo was chosen, by a jury composed, among other entities, with la région Bretagne, de Télécom Bretagne and l'association Fing. Firstly, I did a description of the project, during six minutes, as required by the exercise. Secondly, stands were available, and the people could speak with all the project's talkers.

At this time, on accelibreinfo's stand, people who were interested come and shew their interest for accelibreinfo. Some people tried to understand how the service could apply for their situation. Others discovered the issues related to the accessibility of the computing, and what can bring for that GNU/Linux and the Free software for sight-impaired people, including blind people.

You can see now the sliders of the event here, in French. The sound, as well as the video, will come soon.

2011-06-13 - New items in the catalogue

During a work for a customer, I realised that, in the catalogue, I did not include the repair service for the systems I have not installed, or for some GNU/Linux distributions different from Debian, Ubuntu and Vinux. It is not a real problem as I included this service in the project itself, but now this lack of items does not exist anymore.

The catalogue for the individuals and for the professionals contain now 2 more items to cover these situations.

Thus, I hope I will provide a more full repair service, to help the issue which guides my project.

2011-06-09 - I'll be to the étés TIC

From June 29 to July 1st, Été TIC are organised on Rennes (we could translate this into "summer of new information and communication technologies"), at the University of Villejean. I will be present on June, 29th. Beyond the talks I will listen, I will go to the Carrefour des possibles (possible event). I will she the introduction of the innovations choosed by the organisation staff this year. Every year, and they have organised this event for 7 years, a lot of surprises are presented.

Do not hesitate to join me on this event if you want to talk with me about this interesting project. We will manage to talk together, even if the introductions are in French, but there is a lot of dialogue with the people, so no problem to talk about this project. It is like a training before the big event of Libre Software Meetings, that I will talk you about at the end of this month.

See you soon, maybe on Rennes.

2011-05-21 - The picture week on accelibreinfo

On Thirsday, May 26th, I have to introduce my project for a French event which has for purpose to find new original projects. It appeared useful that I produce a presentation, with some slides. So I started creating some pictures, then adding some logos.

Thanks to the boy who helps me doing this. To make such work still more profitable, I decided using the pictures to change the content of this website. That is why alongside this week, until Thirstday 26th, you will see that new pictures will be added, there are some changes in the text style, new logos, etc...

I hope you will like and you will be happy with these new layout features.

2011-05-12 - A talk about the guilines of this project in Dijon

On May, 27th and 28th, there will be, in Dijon, the Journées du logiciel lible (Free Software Days). During the event, the Traduc.org organisation will be represented on a stand. But if you wish come and speak with me about accessibility, you can go and see me on this stand. Moreover, a talk is organised about this theme. On May, Friday, at 5pm, you will be able to meet me during a talk which will be in French and whose title will be: "What is missing to allow to the free software to be used by sight impaired people?".

Do not hesitate if you want to come and meet me. I will be happy to discuss with you about accessibility and this project.

2011-04-30 - New products are available

The purpose of this project is helping sight impaired users for using their computer. That is why I provide some training service for the free software, because their cost is low but they can be used perfectly.

It is for the same purpose that I offer now two books, which are written by the free software community and who help learning GNU/Linux systems. Their price covers the the printing and the sending of the document. These documents give to the beginners or advanced users an utility to learn installing a GNU/Linux system, in particular the distribution I propose myself. One product explains also how to create one's own environment.

Another book, written by accelibreinfo, is in progress. Its purpose is helping blind beginners  in computing in general. This document will be available in a few months in a paper release, but freely downloadable online. It helps the user from learning the keyboard until performing basic operations one his computer.

All the documents I provide today are freely downloadable on their website. You can buy, on this website, the paper format. You will have the book in the fatest possible delay depending on your country, because I have no stock.

2011-04-22 - I will be at Solutions Linux/Open Source 2011

As I am volunteer, I will be present to introduce Traduc.org on May, 10th. It is involved in Solutions Linux, which will be placed on May 10th, 11th and 12th, in the CNIT, la Défense, Paris, hall Marie Curie.

Though we will talk essentially about the French translation, we also will deal with computing in general. So I will be able to talk about my project with professionals and volunteers who would like to do this. Do not hesitate if you are interested.

2011-04-03 - Nouvelles de la construction du site

One day before the official start of the activity, the French part of the website has been achieved. It only will change in some little details. I consider that it is finished in its major contents.

The English part is about to be finished, it only needs reviewing. I only need to finish the Italian and Spanish version of this website in order to fully finish the website.

2011-04-02 - The activity starts

Today I received my company number (SIREN). This step is the end of the process of creating my company via "auto-entrepreneur" French status. I am officially registered in France. It enables me to provide estimates, bill, invoices, etc with suitable mentions. Officially, the activity starts on April 4th. A first customer will be sent an estimate at this date.

But this project stays in evolution and opened, so the website will evolve (translation, layout), and you can help building it. Do not hesitate to dialogue about what inspires to you such project, with me and around you.

2011-03-28 - Changing title of the website

After having changed the name of this project, I had a lot of positive feedbacks. I was suggested to complete this change substituting a new motto to the former translation for aaui. I was agreed very quickly. Thus, the whole title of the website has changed and matches with my approach of the things I deal with.

To view it, please read the website's title at the top of the window of your browser.

This change enabled me to modify also the bottom of the website, to add important information for the French status of auto-entrepreneur. This status will be official via a company number in a short time, I hope on April 4th. The new one will be published.

2011-03-22 - A new name for the project

aaui.eu will have its name changed. Firstly, because it was only temporary, waiting for something which would be easier to remember, pronounce, write. As it was temporary, trademarks and copyright issues were not a problem.

But now this project becomes concrete in the law, it's necessary to take this issue into account. I discovered thus that aaui was the name of a connection protocol for Apple computers. So for trademark issues, but also for philosophical reasons, it is mandatory changing its name.

The future name of the project will be: accelibreinfo. The meaning doesn't change: "free access to computing for blind people", but the name changes. It means: "access, for blind people, libre, to the computers".

This name will have another consequence: the URL of this website will change. It will be found at www.accelibreinfo.eu (we stay european).

2011-02-28 - One page on the website is nearly completed

"Who am I" page is completed in French. I could review it. I have been translating is into Englsh and Italian but still need to review it. I will translate it into Spanish.

The next step is probably, for English part, a new page to explain why this project has been thought of. The French release will be ready soon.

2011-02-21 - Website's birth

aaui.eu website has just been born. It hopes to introduce to the visitors the activity I hope I will practice in parallel with my life. The question it deals with is important enough to be brought at least in European community. Hence the extension and the international translation.

I'm building it. So I have to improve and fix its contents. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need, if you want some fixes, if you need help, if you would like some fixes. Your questions will be answered but they will help improving the quality of the website and of the presentation of the project too. The framework can be reviewed.

Anyway, it is a support for an activity which makes me excited, in any form it will take. The current "auto-entrepreneur" status could become an organization, or a company, depending on the success and what it needs by those who are interested. It will also depend on the degree of implication with it.

Anyway, this section will give you some news about the building of this website and the project itself (status...).

Happy visit and thanks to be tolerant for problems you will find (and thanks for  your generosity in helping me fixing them).